So the prophecy foretold!

The Annunaki are another Science and Spore subforum meme created by user Masonicon. Masonicon believes that in the year 2012, the Annunaki, a reptilian alien race from planet Nibiru, will come to take over the world. The rational S+Sers all found this hilarious, and it quickly became a joke, then a meme. It is brought up when a thread concerns conspiracies of the like, is made by Masonicon, or has deteriorated, as most S+S threads tend to do. Annunaki is actually a god/demon kind, which has by many changed to aliens.

It is very popular, just like the Zomdies, and has been turned into a Spore creation by AaronMk, and another user has either chosen the name 'Annunaki' or a pre-existing user has created an alt, which is more likely.

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