STUPIDOO iz antimatter!

In July of 2010, a spammer named Hjunix created three threads in the Science and Spore subforum. They were titled "Wut iz Antimatter", "Wut iz Dark Matter", and "Wut is Strange Matter", or at least something along those lines.

The first thread, "wut iz Antimatter", created a sort of fanclub among users such as 8Jacko9, ghostofillusion, Tarcin STUPIDOO, Grandhox and alpacaman. Ghost created several signatures for the group and banners, STUPIDOO created complimentary signature bars, and it eventually became an RP. But before that, everyone enjoyed torturing the troll by responding to the OP, which read: "I hear people talkin about it. Wut iz it?" (or something like that), by saying: "It's the opposite of matter." Hjunix would keep asking "yeah, but wut iz it?" and the response would be the same.

As for the RP, it has unfortunatly died. It is named: Antimatter - Teh Epik RP.

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