Astromead High: The Remake is a roleplay located in the Roleplay subforum. It was launched several months ago by jch2897 as a remake of the original Astromead High (which was launched by GroxRulers and had died by the date of the sequel's creation. The reason why the original roleplay died is still a mystery, besides the fact that it began to die when the OP left.) The original was more successful than the remake, but the remake is still faring well.

Characters and membersEdit

  • Jch2897: Controls Dante, Alexis, school NPCs and random characters.
  • Omnivex: Controls Aeron.
  • YinYangBell: Controls Jeremy.
  • Imperiex-Prime*: Controlled villans relevant to the plot.
  • Pluck47: Controls Kylar.
  • Velociraptor_Guy*: Controls Oaglor aka John Paul Skinner.
  • TheDippster*: Controls Ty Pebeje

...and more. * = inactive.

Characters and powersEdit

  • Alexis Kew: Can morph, and has laser eyes.
  • Dante: Some strength and usually carries a pocketknife with him. He looms over Alexis and Aeron and never allows them to be together, so to say, and constantly experiments upon himself with science.
  • Aeron: Bone manipulation.
  • Jeremy: Can turn self hard as stone, making him shielded from attacks.
  • Ty: Electricity and fire.
  • Kyle: Power over light
  • Oaglor: Can summon animals (though mostly dinosaurs) and can also conjure food and drink.
  • Kylar: Morphs into a monster