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Beastly Experiments, also known as BE, is a first person action/drama RP that takes place many years in the future in the year 2812. It follows the story of beasts created by mankind to fight in wars. The project was a failure and the beasts escaped into freedom. The story is bizarre in its own sense. It's generally hated by other Sporum members for its massive size and smaller in-game posts. It generally grows 50 odd pages a day and is currently the largest RP on the Sporum, even though it's only been around for a few months. This is because of its large member base - BE has over 20 members.

A Massive TitanEdit

Beastly Experiments grew thousands of pages long, due to a lack of an OOC thread and short posts. People despised this, and many in turn despised BE. Eventually, an OOC was created by Omnivex, a major member of BE. He also created a sequel so that they could start over without thousands of pages. However, many people still criticize BE for short posts.

However, Beastly Experiments is now dead as an RP. A simular RP is now up and running, named Xehn.

The Many MembersEdit

Mods or Important PeopleEdit

  • Jch2897
  • Omnivex

Veterans (People from the beginning)Edit

Other MembersEdit

  • Pluck47
  • Buddy55555
  • TerraWyvern
  • MataRahi
  • DragonBud
  • ValzDV
  • SuperCellSpace
  • HawkFrost14
  • RogueGrox
  • Protoderm
  • Gonder96
  • Jax181
  • CHOWSGC (Thought to have left the sporum)
  • Prospo (Has left BE).