A create-off is a large contest in which several players compete against each other in mini-contests chosen by the Game-Master. The Game-Master (GM) is the person who made the create-off and the person who runs it. Create-offs often have volunteer judges who help with the orchestration of the create-off as well as judging the entries. greenpetking founded a group known as the SCOP, or Story Create-Off Productions for the creation, endorsement and description of Story Create-Offs. A universal guide to create-offs in generall was also created by greenpetking to help people joining and making create-offs.

Create-offs are generally located in the Spore Community Showcase subforum, as a type of contest.

Create-offs can also be challenges between 2 individual users.

Notable Create-OffsEdit

* BongoBongo123's six create-offs.

* The Summer Create-Off

* Unown99's create off, attacked by The Spam Guild.

* koopakilla's create-off, notable for being one of the create-offs which spent longest open, some 5 months. Also for being the first create-off with no entries in the final.