Developer Corner in 2009, around the time of the 2009 API Challenge.

The slowest Sporum subforum, the Developer Corner was originally intended to be a location for developers to discuss the Spore API. Early on in the Sporum's history, Maxis developers would visit often and post about what web applications they had made with the API. However, very few third-party developers used the Spore API, and the lack

Developer Corner in 2011, after its brief Golden Age.

of community interest combined with the slow disappearance of the Maxis developers essentially killed this subforum. In general, the only new threads posted in this subforum are simply misplaced and are quickly moved by a SporeMaster.

Recently, a third-party developer did release an iPad app utilizing the API, bringing some activity back to this largely dead subforum; however, this is viewed as more of an anomaly than as the beginning of a greater trend.