The Hug Monster species (also called HugMonsters, hug monsters, Hugmonsters, or Huggers) is a meme started by TheLudicrous and murph04. Is also the mascot of the Real Life Spore club.


Hugmonsters as a species are mostly green creatures with short, felt-like fur. They have a pear shaped body. They stand upright on two legs, and have two arms. The feet lack toes, and the hands have no fingers (save a thumb). Both their hands and feet have white pads on the bottoms. They have two round, orange eyes. Their faces lack a nose. They have a wide mouth, and two prominent cheeks. The area around the muzzle is mostly white.


Despite their skinny arms, Hugmonsters are known to hug people to death. They are also known to force their victims to take Advil PM to make them fall asleep, then take them back to their bases. What they do there is unknown, but it can be assumed that no one wants to find out. Survivors are said to be few in number. However, one commonly known way to kill one is a bowling ball to the face (this however is the most conventional way of killing one, other ways have been a bear trap to the crotch, vacuum to the face and Twinkie overdose). A frightening power of the hugmonster is that it is extremely hard to kill with normal weaponry.

There are also several different breeds of Hug Monsters. These can range from the practical (a stronger breed) to the nonsensical (a Hug Monster/ Barney the Dinosaur hybrid). Several Hugmonster-related creatures have been created, such as a mix of Huggers and other sporum memes.

Hugmonsters are also known for their ability to sneak and take over other peoples' accounts. This change is only detectable because Hugmonsters use four dots in an ellipse, not three....


Probably the best way to tell its creation story is they way the Hugmonster website says it. "The HugMonster was created by TheLudicrous over at the Sporum. He was started as an off topic joke on page nine of the Evolutions! thread. After TheLudicrous made the first post, murph04 and TheLudicrous started developing the creepy personality of the HugMonster we know today!"[1]

Unfortunately, the Evolutions! thread was hit by the Melvin glitch, so all of the posts were erased.


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