Raktha Template Challenge

Every now and then, periodically on Tuesdays (Sporedays) MaxisCactus sets up a challenge for the Spore community to take part in. These often range from creations to wallpapers to adventures and team challenges, though much more recently they have mainly been template challenges for Darkspore. The winners of each challenge are usually rewarded with a feature by Maxis, and have been known to attract many, many new users every time.

Template ChallengesEdit

For the last few months, MaxisCactus has been repeatedly introducing new Template Challenges, usually with templates of her own design. At first the community happily took part, but after five or so challenges there was an uproar of negative feedback as the challenges were becoming too repetitive without explanation. It wasn't until 23rd July, 2010 were things finally explained.

Stegavaar Template ChallengeEdit 4th Feburary, 2010

A solitary, dangerous creature, Stegavaar burrows through the eternal rock of its planet’s mantle and crust seeking the loren, the rare and precious underground rivers in which to spawn millions of creatures like itself in hopes of one day conquering the surface.

Stegavaar has the power of devastating bio-electron beams--living lightning. Charging at speeds that belie its cumbersome appearance, and protected by its impenetrable bio-armour, Stegavaar is nothing less than a living tank. Should Stegavaar ever fall in battle, its final act will be an electron explosion of vengeance that slaughters all who are nearby.


  • Stegavaar By Potatofish
  • Stegavaar By Parkaboy
  • Stegavaar By Cryotoad293


  • RECRUIT of the Cherookavak CamelBackStegavaar2 empire By mobiusconstruct
  • Horned Stegavaar By Mouthwash
  • Stegavaar Gizthian tank By mobiusconstruct

Necro Template ChallengeEdit 10th March, 2010

Death MolluskEdit

Death mollusks crabs are small, vicious parasites of low intelligence, imbued with the horrific ability to drain their victims of energy. Highly mobile and able to strike from a distance, death mollusks are a threat even in death, exploding the moment their disgusting innards cease functioning.

  • Death Mollusk By QQQQQ96
  • Death Mollusk By JRsilverfoxx1390
  • Death Mollusk Blade717 By Blade717


Beware pterodynes. They’re obscenities capable of ripping the brains and spine from their victims in seconds. Should they approach from behind, they can project their terrorpathic aura to make their prey scream, flail and flee in panic. But if they employ their stealth ability, you’ll never even see the approach of your own death.

  • Pterodyne By 94Brandon14
  • Pterodyne By Potatofish
  • Lightning Pterodyne By Cowboy Cleatus

Tusked LampreyEdit

Indigenous to a nightmare world, the tusked lamprey is a revolting predator. Covered in razored horns, the beast possesses a repugnant mouth-hole ringed with fangs. Forget its small size: even from a distance, the creature is deadly, capable of murdering its target with necrotizing blasts from its inexhaustible lysogenic pustules.

  • Redevil Tusked Lamprey By jerry77
  • Tusked Lamprey By Jaconan
  • Tusked Lamprey By EL PAISA

Clawed SpectreEdit

Seeded on a ruined world as a sick joke, the genetically-modified clawed spectres were ineffective at keeping down the vermin population because there were no vermin to eat. Clawed spectres generally therefore live on diet of each other. Ironically, they also possess ability to resurrect their dead. They slaughter their victims from a distance with blasts of their spectray. Despite their cannibalism, clawed spectres possess sufficient intelligence to use tools, and to employ and revise attack strategies. It’s common for explorers to underestimate clawed spectres. Once.

  • Clawed Spectre By echof0xtrot
  • Clawed Spectre By Gamer1
  • Clawed Spectre By IanEno

Triocular Scorpiod ChallengeEdit 26th April, 2010

Prowling the dark ranges and crevasses of its cold domain, triocular scorpiods employ their tails for two deadly functions: night vision for hunting, and plasma-blasting for killing their prey. Also known as “tri-scorps,” they are particularly dangerous for their ability to “ricochet” their lightning attack off one target and onto others. Explorers and others travelling in groups must therefore exercise tremendous caution in their presence, and are advised to kill the tri-scorps on sight.


  • Triocular Scorpiod By Parkaboy
  • Triocular Scorpiod By 95screenname13
  • Triocular Scorpiod By Falcore


  • Triocular Scorpiod By FilipT
  • Triocular Scorpiod Hunter By foreverpiping
  • Triocular Scorpiod By Potatofish

Quadrakiller Template ChallengeEdit 3rd May, 2010

When the factories fell silent after centuries of poisoning the planet, only a few things were left moving on the deathfields of the planet Ballistic quadrakillers were among them. Possessing four arms, each capable of unleashing terrifying volleys of lightning projectiles, the quadrakillers were the product of two centuries of fighting over the last natural resources to maintain life. Devastating in combat, quadrakillers possess one flaw their dead makers never got a chance to fix: following attacks, they enter brief rest moves in which they are vulnerable to destruction.


  • Ballistic Quadrakiller By ElFiaxo
  • Blooming Quadrakiller By Twistedwolf
  • Ballistic Quadrakiller By HabaneroArrow


  • Ballistic Quadrakiller By Wildpath
  • Ballistic Quadrakiller By joshuadorrington
  • Sporlien Ballistic Quadrakiller By jerry77

Toxiraptor Template ChallengeEdit 24th May, 2010

Centuries ago the rainforests and grasslands teemed with gentle creatures sharing their habitats. Following the invasion, the planet exchanged its serenity for terror. Once tiny creatures with a mild, stinging bite, toxiraptors (striking for their glowing emerald eyes), became tall, lightning-fast attackers that hunted in packs. Aside from the terrible damage their fangs can inflict, it’s their toxin that’s of greatest worry to any being they target, a nerve agent that untreated causes paralysis and death within minutes. Any explorer catching sight of toxiraptors hunting in packs should evacuate or flee immediately... or be prepared to unleash maximum firepower.


  • Emerald Toxiraptor by MilkAndCookies
  • Emerald Toxiraptor By CederDUDE22
  • Emerald Toxiraptor By pwurman

Honorable Mentions:

  • Toxiraptor of Fear By FantaCoca
  • Emerald Toxiraptor By FYIIHealSpiesz12
  • Emerald Toxiraptor By CopperLou

Uklideon Template ChallengeEdit 23rd June, 2010

Using their quantogenic powers, the Uklideons have more than proven their value, striking down enemies by the thousands from world to world and star to star. Uklideons’ devastating energy bolts can also travel through or along surfaces, becoming gravitic grapplers that immobilize foes. Once Uklideons have stopped their enemies, they obliterate them with wave after wave of destructive energy.


  • Dread Uklideon By ESquidey
  • RECRUIT of the Uklideon empire By Dragonvoid
  • Uklideon By UltimateZob

Honorable Mention:

  • Plasma Uklideon By ArsDraconis
  • Uklideon By zilla257
  • Uklideon By glasspinne

Space Barracuda Template ChallengeEdit 29th June, 2010

Once tiny sea creatures, the space barracudas are now larger and via gravitic powers, able to “swim” through the air on land. Dangerous and unpredictable, space barracudas use their gravitic abilities to teleport themselves and their prey. Prospectors and fighters should exercise extreme caution around these bizarre creatures.


  • Space Barracuda By shamar10
  • Starstaidned Space Barracuda By KaluluUchiha
  • Space Barracuda By WforWumb

Honorable Mention:

  • Space Barracuda By ESquidey
  • Space Barracuda Template By Richardson72
  • Space Barracuda Template By Richardson72

Lightning Stalker Template ChallengeEdit 29th June, 2010

Lightning stalkers have been the scourge of stragglers and survivors since the planet’s ice-age set in. Heavily armored with terrible claws and horns protruding from across their bodies, lightning stalkers are highly adept at tracking prey for hours, days or even weeks if food is scarce. While they’re quite capable of ripping their targets to bloody shreds with their claws, they more often strike at a distance with blinding bolts of their electroplasma.


  • Lightning Stalker By Xenopologist
  • Redbelly Stalker By BlueDragonic
  • Lighting Stalker By yomynameispeter

Honorable Mentions:

  • Cave Dwelling Lightning Stalker By Crytix
  • Lightning Stalker By Mirutar
  • UBD - Lightning Stalker By Gmaster101

Raktha Template ChallengeEdit 24th August, 2010

Rakthae are the children of two epochs of mutation on Cryos: the Crogenitor era, and the Darkspore era. Originally, they survived Cryos’s descent into an ice age, the Rakthae evolved into double-extremophiles. They flourished when the Crogenitors ripped Cryos with rivers and oceans of plasma, gaining the ability to metabolize plasma itself (especially advantageous with the planet’s dwindling food supply).

But when the Darkspore invaded Cryos, they bent the beautiful creatures to their own will. Protected by halos of flame, the Rakthae inflict flaming devastation on any who attack them bodily, and aim fiery vengeance at any target. Whether defensive or offensive, Raktha flames are difficult to extinguish and can quickly turn terrible wounds into terrifying death.

Round 1: Creating the Template

Raktha Template By Conswella

Round 2: Designing the Template

No winner yet!

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