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Melvin is the name of the glitch that causes threads to be completely destroyed, especially those with high post counts. Superstitious Sporumers believe that its name must always be written in red to prevent it from destroying the thread in which it is mentioned. It is the "son" of Midzo, a similar glitch that destroyed MUD.


Does he really look like that?We don't know for sure.

Some rational Sporumers believe that Melvin isn't so much a "glitch" in that it's actually two or more Sporumers reporting the OP of a thread, causing the report system to overload and simply delete the "offending" OP. This results in the thread's deletion. Experiments performed show a clear correlation between report spamming the OP and the thread being Melvin'd, but it is not yet known whether this is the sole cause, as there is no way to isolate the phenomenon. Melvin's children often called Melvi , are numerous and annoying but not very harmful to the Sporum

Jaller13 even made a representation of him on Spore.


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