A picture of Numerator, wielding the Banhammer.

Numerator was a robot sent back in time to turn all humans into binary. His mission failed when he was introduced to alcohol. He malfunctioned and began rampaging around earth, killing thousands. Eventually, a powerful sorceror transformed him into a computer virus, and banished him to the internet.

After years of wandering around cyberspace, destroying websites, he was found by MaxisCactus. She used her divine powers to transform him into the first of an elite strike force, designed to bring death to trolls. She named this elite team... the Sporemasters.

Numerator was a stern Sporemaster, but he was fair. Many rose up to conquer him, yet all failed.

Numerator, with compassion, attempted to Save MUD as it fell into chaos. He sacrificed himself to temporarily lock it. Although the other Sporemasters saved the club, he had left his legacy.

The Final LockEdit

They said it could never happen.
They said it couldn't die.
They said this thread could reach 1000 pages.
They said this thread could survive spam, Didzo and even the powerful lock of SporeMasterNumerator.

They were wrong.

Alas, this thread has become too random and chaotic and is too much of a threat to the Harmony of The Universe to continue.

So it comes to pass that I close this thread and I take my leave of this existence. The 1000 page riot and total destruction that was to ensue has been thwarted.

Do not despair, you will make other threads and there are other Spore Masters; and in time, you will forget this thread. And me.

Didzo will become the SporeMaster to rule them all.
"Go in wonderment and ponder these teachings of Didzoism." --SteelFire

Look to the Equalizer Squad for guidance so they may assist you in your journey through the temultuous seas of the Spore forum.

The "End of Posts" is here. The Universe is in Harmony and the insanity has been averted.

Where this thread goes, so go I.