Tis Omnivex, revealed on the Pics thread.

In Real Life

Omnivex is a America-residing English, Welsh and North-Irish man who has also lived in Switzerland. He moved quite a few times before finally landing himself in his little pogunt town in California, where nothing cool EVER happens and life is kind of bland, that is why one day in March during spring brake he found himself looking at the Forum of a game he played. Being the bored loaner High-School kid that he was he found himself joining up and falling into the mess.

His real life usually consists of School, Writing and Drawing. Nothing really cool goes on there.

1 Man, 1 Forum, 1 LegacyEdit

Omnivex joined the Sporum in middligh March 2010, his quest to Forum fame began with a small RP ran by a fellow forumer by the name of TeamDarkness. Teamdarkness took Omnivex under his wing and showed him the ways of RolePlay. Omnivex soon branched out joining such groups as RLS and The Shaman Guild. He also found himself caught up in many other RolePlays and creating a few himself.

Omnivex's Sporum life didn't really kick off until May/Juneish when he joined one such Beastly Experiments. This RP changed his life and he soon became addicted gaining massive Rep and Posts around the Sporum. He was hardly off the computer and sometimes even fell asleep on his keyboard.

Omnivex's post count skyrocketed as he followed dozens of threads, RP's and Clubs alike.

That was when it happened. Omnivex had decided a few months earlier that he would take Chemistry over the Summer so he could get 2 electives. His summer soon fell into turmoil as his oe true love in life RP had been stripped from him. He went a bit crazy and during his 1 week of Internet Deprevation actually went mentally insane.

The summer soon ended and he went back to school where he fell into a deep depression. He nearly got to cutting himself and for what? A silly forum? He really was addicted.

He later started listening to happier music and has come out from his cave an seen the light. He still holds his title and Head of the Roleplay state. (Atleast to most people outside) and has many friends on the forum. He's since calmed down and become a rather average forumer.

Other AchievementsEdit

He is however known for challenging Moonsina to a dragon-off, and failing, as he predicted.

He is also said to be Omnipotent enough to take down Didzo. This was met with a remark about how he was not worth Didzo's time. Omnivex was relieved by this and then proceeded to beat up Groxkillerhelp for putting him in the situation.

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