Club member.

The Peace Out! Club is a group located within the Creator Corner subforum that is anti-downrater/pro-peace. It was founded by thunderpants, CuteCritters13, and alpacaman. Its purpose is to make creations that spread peace, usuallly in the form of a posed creature with some kind of peacful gesture.

Rank SystemEdit

You climb ranks by making creations and being active. As you climb ranks, you can move from the outer circle, to inner circle, then to HQ circle.

Headquarters (HQ) CircleEdit

  • VIP: HQ's Circle, highest non-founding member rank. Mega Active. May get spoilers...
  • The Hipster: HQ, Boss/Captain/Leader/President/Prime Minister/Biggest Hippy The Friendly Grox: HQ, One of the Founding Members Master Flower Child: HQ, One of the Founding Member

Inner CircleEdit

  • True Hippy/Buddhist: Inner circle, Very close member, very active
  • Pacifist: Inner circle, Close member, Rather active

Outer CircleEdit

  • Hippy: New, active.
  • Outsider: New.

Special RanksEdit

  • Peaced Out: Inactive.
  • Unhip: Banned.

Sorry thunderpants here hijacking this thread to attempt to make contact again with Alpacaman.

Link: Peace Out! Club