1296 giant FUT

Midas emerging from hell.

It was written in stone ten thousand years ago, were the Sporum ever to be encrusted with the blood of the fallen, if the troll were to breach the walls of the Forum's mighty gate there would be no hope. All the Sporemaster have disappeared out of thin air and Slime had been impaled by his own sword. There would be nothing left to fight for. Until one day - ignoring the prophecy carved by Didzo himself, the titan of war himself casted a hole in the earth and rose from the depths of hell.

The call him... SporeMasterMidas, the harbinger of win practicing his win powers as he slaughtered the trolls and spammers and *YAM!*ing out some more win when he was full of win juice. And after the troll leader Sharpy cried his promise of vengence, he replied with "How about, "*YAM!* you and the horse you rode in on?"" before chopping off the ringleader's head.

Upon hearing the news the Masters returned to the sanctum, apologetic about their retreat - along with a familier face. Even The Forgotton One, Dog, has returned. And as they stumbled upon the corpse of Master Slime... they partied and drank booze.


  • His undercover Sporumer name goes by ChaosHarbinger.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Midas uses a Banaxe instead of your typical Banhammer. The Banaxe is cooler because it has sharp edges. And sharp edges make trolls feel more hurty.
  • He has an alter-ego by the name of Wade. You can tell if he's speaking because he speaks in orange.
  • He is the first roleplaying Sporemaster. And before you ask, no, he does not consider spam to be character development.
  • Midas is also a good S&S'r.
  • It is rumored that Midas may be the son of the almighty Blackbird... or maybe half-23rd cousin of his nephew.