Feedba... oh wait...

Spore Feedback is a subforum where people post their ideas to improve Spore. It is relatively active, even though most threads are either called "WE WANTZ DEE AQU4TIK STAJE OMGZ!!!" or "I WANTZ TEH 2005 5PORE!!!", and that leaves the section as a whole often frowned upon. Another reason some Sporumers dislike this section is that Maxis rarely shows support for any of the ideas posed within Spore Feedback. However, as time passes and new SM's get recruited to clear out "OMG LAWL TEH AQUOTTIXK ST4J!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)" the section should gain a better place in the eyes of EAxis and eventually, with mainstream Sporumers.

Nevertheless, this subforum is home to good and bad suggestions alike and can be worth a visit from time to time.

Significant ThreadsEdit

Aquatic StageEdit

As of late one of the oldest threads asking for an Aquatic Stage has been stickied. Maybe that could stop all of the posting about "teh fish staj." Its results have yet to be seen...Though the more pessimistic members are doubtful about it's chances.

Major Feedback ThreadEdit

There are several major feedback threads. These threads are different according to the time, and the preferences of the Sporum. The most current up to date Major Feedback Thread is the Spore Petition Thread. However, other threads exist as described above.

A guide to the Feedback section can be found here.