thumb|300px|right|Don't worry kiddies, John Lennon's there to HELP (Help me if you can, I'm feeling done. And I do appreciate you being around)Spore Help is a subforum for users that need technical help with a glitch, bug, or other problem. It is one of the more active areas of the Sporum, and is frequented by the few SporeMasters most dedicated to technical help and glitch fixing. The most notable of these SporeMasters was SporeMasterKaliena, who eventually disappeared; SporeMasterSlime has since taken over some of Kaliena's responsibilities, until he resigned. It seems now that DOGC_Kyle is taking over to fill this role. And several other Sporumers help people too.

Other members also frequent the Help section, such as Ashkelon, who once commonly excercised her coding knowledge to help debug players' games. However, as of late, most problems are solved via PM, the only thing that calls her back around to the Sporum anymore.