Wait a minute, you can plays GAMES on this?

Called pointless, meaningless, and stupid, the Spore Mobile/iPhone subforum was created with a good purpose: Discuss iPhone Spore expansions. However, it is very unpopular (along with the gameplay of Spore mobile games).

Was it needed?Edit

With only a few relevant posts per week, many Sporumers wonder if this section should remain seperate, merge with Spore General Discussion, make a merge with other little-used subforums such as Spore Console, or be deleted altogether. Whatever the outcome, it will be so insignificant to the Sporum that it will not matter much to anyone, and with so few people who care, it is unlikely that anything will change in this subforum's future.

Notable ThreadsEdit

Other InformationEdit

Though this subforum is not the most pointless, it is probably the deadest. No threads have more than around 70 replies, and the whole subforum sometimes goes several weeks without activity.