The following is a list of most of the active Sporum members. Also see the Sporum Members category for a list of members with individual pages. For the full, exhaustive list of thousands of members (almost all of them inactive), see this page.

Sporum members fall into various categories, which are listed below.

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Legendary Sporumers

These users are noted for making innumerable contributions to the Sporum or otherwise being deemed worthy of worship and sacrifice to.

  • Ashloc - First King of Science, Great Messiah to Evolutionists atheist, agnostic, and religious alike
  • Davo - The Mod King
  • Didzo - God of the New World
  • His Perfectly Aligned Lordship, footvents
  • Rptroll - The Bringer of Golden Ages

Developers (Administrators)

  • EA_BGY-11 rumored to hold more power than Maxis employees.
  • MaxisCactus - recently passed the torch of head adminstratorship to MaxisKyle
  • MaxisCadillac
  • MaxisDangerousYams
  • MaxisGlazed
  • MaxisKane
  • MaxisKarp
  • MaxisKyle - current head administrator
  • MaxisLucky
  • MaxisPuzzle
  • MaxisWill

SporeMasters (Moderators)

The Normal People

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Spammers, Trolls, etc.

These users spam, troll, flame, or do other such illicit activities on the Sporum.
Ray William Johnson

You be trollin'