Sporum Poop is a Youtube Poop roleplay thread on the Sporum, which is a forum for the video game series Spore. The thread is on the front page of the Roleplay section of the Sporum as of today.

About the creator Edit

SpongeBobrocks was bored one day watching his YouTube Poops when suddenly he had a thought. "We need more people to recognize what if..." and so, SBR23 created one of the many Sporum Poops to be created onto the site. The poop itself was labeled just "Sporum Poop". The thread itself was nonsensical in every shape and form. And from the look from it, everyone enjoyed taking part in the poop.

Sporum Poop I: Explained Edit

In this poop, SBR and friends are having a normal day in the universe of Spore when suddenly the Space Mountain Coaster runs over Spode, killing him. With Spode dead, the world of Spore outbreaks into the apocalypse. Now SBR and friends must now revive Spode in order to regain peace to the universe.

Sporum Poop II: Explained Edit

A continuation of Sporum Poop I. SBR, Min_Lo, Default, and others, are trapped in the the HellDimension, but then some random creatures rescue them and they head to the HeavenDimension to revive Spode. Sadly the RP was never finished.

Sporum Poop III: Explained Edit

Pepe was excited for Lucas DLC in SSB4. But then suddenly a whole bunch of shit happens. From planets being exploded thanks to Creepy Bowsah and Pupilia. And Koolaid Meteors. Sadly, like Sporum Poop II, it was never finished due to DarkLord's post flooding some of the Roleplay Section, and sinking it to the bottom of the forum.

Sporum Poop Season 2: Pooping the Repoopable Explained Edit

This poop was created the day of SBR23's return to the Sporum. This RP takes place in the ever popular Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (from the ever popular indie horror series Five Nights at Freddy's) where Grox and Pupilia have taken over it. After colliding his R.O.B with the resteraunt causing it to explode, the Grox animatronics become possessed by the spirits of the incinerated customers and workers of Fazbear Pizza. Now it's up to SBR and his gang of misfits to defeat the animatronics and restore peace throughout the world. In this specific thread, SBR acts more foolishly in this thread, causing some people to lose interest in the RP. SBR then reveals his reasonings behind Sporum Poop and the reason why he won't end it. He believes it to be a gift to the Sporum to make up for all of his past mistakes.

The Edit Wars Edit

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