Dipp and his pet hedgehog that Dipin is based off of.

TheDippster is an okay creator who spends most of his time on the Sporum in the Roleplay section. He is also known as Dippster and Dipp. TheDippster has currently been spending less time on the sporum and doing other things.

Random bits.Edit


Sonic, Dipp's hedeghog that Dipin is based off of.

Dipin Hedgehog
: Dipin is a humanoid hedgehog whose full name is Dipin The [now Dipin D. Hedgehog] Hedgehog. Dipin originated as a drawing but is in used as a character in Tick Off. Dipin tends to act stupider than he really is and this is noticable when he built his rocket shoes, boomerangs that link to his off island fridge and, a T.V. out of sand, tin foil and, tooth picks. Dipin drives a delorean and he got it on the island by puting his car in his fridge to prevent it from being stolen. Dipin has been killed several times by WOLFIN298 at the original Sqweedo's Bar and Grill, first he was beatin to death by and biker and a viking then, deep fried and feed to a dinosaur, he was also killed b Annoyee the rabbit in a knife to head incedent, and, most recently he killed himself to be a ghost then he gave his corpse C.P.R. so he is currently alive. Dipin has a tendency to break the fourth wall and in fact even knows about the Sporums the most noteable thing he did while breaking the fourth was getting trapped in TheDippster's signature. Dipin is currently being used in the R.P. Dimensions of Roleplay.

Glory Days Past

TheDippster fell out of sporum activity and had made little attempts to use the forum for a period of several years as of early 2014, TheDippster has returned in hopes of good times. In this time TheDippster had started a lets play channel on youtube along with regretting most of the post he made on the Sporum in middle school. In sadder news TheDippster's pet hedgehog Sonic died of natural causes after several years of ownership shortly after the christmas of 2011. TheDippster has also not spoken to Darkie for roughly four years.