The Vibrant Colors Contest, also known as the VCCT, was created on 04/30/2010 as a contest "that never ends". VCCT members were to create a new empire, choose a spice color, and battle other competitors, receiving points for creations made in their faction's style.

The VCCT began as a small affair that failed to attract much attention... at least, until Drew980 and RogueGrox showed up. These new members both rapidly ascended to the status of major players in the VCCT-verse, developing a rivalry that would keep the thread relevant for many months.

Death of the VCCTEdit

Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors - including poor management, neglect by the chief members, and general inability to keep the majority of participants interested - the VCCT died and sank to the bottom of the Sporum's collective consciousness.

The VCCT's "spiritual successor" is the similar Galactic War group created and managed by LoneStar45. It has yet to be seen whether this group will succeed in overcoming the problems that hampered the growth of the VCCT, but it definitely shows some promise so far.