Artists rendition of a Vilageidiotx

Vilageidiotx was spawned by the Thunder Gods nineteen years before the release of Spore. His first act was to single handidly tear down the Berlin Wall, gaining him the Presidential Medal of Honor and Kickassitude when he was just two years old. This fact was later hidden by the governments of the world to help foster peace between the Americans and Russians, as Vilageidiotx was also responsible for the death of Stalin.

After these events, Vilageidiotx lived in the forests, spending most of his childhood killing wild animals with his bare hands for food, and organizing the unionization of forest animals, an act that later forced Disney to pay a portion of the earnings from Bambi back to the forest residents. He later found a way to create wifi using just an oak tree and king snake, and in the year 2000 he bought his first house from a dotcom set up just before the bubble burst.

Upon the release of Spore, Vilageidiotx foresaw he would buy the game. Just as predicted, he bought it two months later. Some say his creations cured cancer, others say they inspired people to be awesome, but everyone says that they were unrivaled throughout the land. The city of Toledo, Ohio would be renamed "Vilageidiotxville" by the President of the United States in honor of Vilageidiotx's achievements in things.

Though largely retired now, Vilageidiotx is still seen wondering the sporum, saying truths and being irrefutable. It is said that any attempts to ban or disagree with Vilageidiotx will cause a person to go blind in one ear and deaf in one eye. Nobody with any sense tempts this fate.