Zomdies from McDonalds is a meme that was created in the Science and Spore subforum in the Spring of 2010. It was created when a user created a thread to talk about 'zombies' but misspelled it as 'zomdies'. It was then soon associated with the term 'McDonaldization', a term that the user Masonicon used to describe mainstream science.

The Zomdie legend quickly spread like wildfire, thanks to users like Imperiex-prime, AaronMk, and other S+Sers. They have been associated with the Annunaki/2012 meme, and it is said that at that time (2012) they will come and eat our brainz and serve the Annunaki/NWO.


Zombdies.. r comin.. after you!

The Zomdie meme is so popular that the user AaronMk made them in Spore, and another user, who shall remain anonymous, created an alt named 'Zomdie' to talk about all of the conspiracy garbage. It is frequently brought up in S+S threads that are either made by Masonicon or have severely wandered off-topic.

There is also an adventure created by AaronMk that sets users in a fight against zomdies, bragons, and such.

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